Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm a Runner!

Me running the New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon at 3 months Postpartum. So grateful I have running in my life!

Sometimes I have to remind myself that no matter how slow or fast I may be ( I'm slower than most of my friends) or how many races I complete (7 Half Marathons and 1 Marathon so far!) or how many miles I pound out during a week (the past couple if weeks have been hideously low mileage), that I am still, and always a runner. Being a runner and running means so much to me... It gives me an identity outside of being a SAHM, which is all-consuming for me on most days, and it gives me a chance to burn off the stress from the day. I also love that my kids see that I am making time to stay healthy (learn about them and their insane adventures at Herd Management, where I illustrate the crazy life with four kids, ages 6 and under) and that being active is important. They all want to run with me (and one day I hope they will) and it thrills me to the core. Running has also taken me on so many adventures, and I've seen so many things (and different places) and been up at times of day I would normally be snoozing. The friendships and lessons I have learned are invaluable, and I remind myself of these things on days when I don't reallllly want to run. I completed a Half Marathon at 32 weeks pregnant (after carefully and consistently training through the whole pregnancy) and met so many goals I never thought possible. I Look forward to sharing more of my journey with you!!!

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